Your yield improvement begins with RBP Chemical Technology

World-Class Chemistry

RBP Chemical Technology is at the forefront of developing specialty chemistry for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers across the globe. Integral to successful PCB design, our chemical formulas are tailored to meet the precise requirements of the electronics industry’s most advanced PCBs — assuring high-quality performance in the most demanding applications and environments. RBP serves the aerospace, medical, defense and consumer markets as well as printed circuit board manufacturers in industries such as PC fabrication, semiconductor and solar manufacturing.

The preferred chemical specialist for PCBs

Recognized as a highly regarded printed circuit industry leader in chemical processing, RBP understands your unique challenges and needs and can offer you an ever-evolving line of chemicals specific to fine circuitry. That’s why so many hi-tech companies consistently choose RBP as the chemical supplier for their circuit board needs. Our solutions have reduced annual spend by 30 to 45 percent compared to competitive alternatives, resulting in greater profit for you.

RBP offers a comprehensive, environmentally friendly product line — from inner layer cleaners to final finishes and process control equipment. And it’s a product line backed by experienced and responsive technical support. We’re partners with leading consumables and equipment suppliers and have manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia with local distributor warehousing throughout Asia and North America. RBP offers widespread product coverage so no matter where you’re located, you’ll have easy access to the products you need.

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