RBP Introduces New Oxide Alternative Adhesion Promoter

RBP Chemical Technology — a world class supplier of process chemicals to the printed circuit board industry — has introduced MAGNABOND OxAlt, a three-part microetch additive designed to promote mechanical copper-epoxy bonding by optimizing the topography of the copper substrate.

MAGNABOND OxAlt yields a consistent, high-topography, acid-stable copper surface, assuring optimum copper-dielectric adhesion. The product is suitable for use with a wide variety of dielectrics, including FR-4, BT, and polyimide.

“Our new MAGNABOND OxAlt offers significant benefits over conventional alternatives, including low operating cost, ease of control, and consistent copper topography at etch rates of 40 microinches per minute,” explains Robert Coleman, director of sales and marketing, electronics, RBP. “It is the latest in our complete line of chemicals for the progressive printed circuit manufacturer.”