Antifoams for Electronics


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    Defoamer FE™

    Defoamer FETM is a fully organic non-Silicone water-soluble defoamer that rinses readily and leaves no residue. It is designed for systems where clean rinsing is essential. It is odorfree and biodegradable. Defoamer FETM is ideal for defoaming developers or strippers of any type and will work at any pH.

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    FoamFREE™ 940

    A highly effective foam suppressant for aqueous developing and stripping of DuPont™ RISTON® photopolymer films. FoamFREE 940 is a stable product which efficiently disperses foam in low concentrations.

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    FoamFREE™ ONE

    A silicone free, non-solvent based aqueous antifoam for primary image developers and strippers and solder mask developers. FoamFREE™ONE suppresses foaming at very low usage without leaving residue behind or in the machine. FoamFREE™ONE is for any manufacturer who needs to reduce antifoam usage to reduce process costs without the use of solvents