Cupric Etching


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    VersaPrep is formulated to microetch multiple metallic surfaces and thus improve their processing including lamination, imaging and solder mask application. Microetching results in surfaces that are cleaner, with removed or reduced oxide and with higher roughness. These mechanisms occur to a different extent on different metals. VersaPrep is effective on aluminum, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys and selected other alloys such as Inconel. Different substrates can be treated with simple adjustments of concentration, temperature and contact time. VersaPrep can be used in either spray or soak mode.

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    VISUETCH REPLENISHER is used in conjunction with Hydrochloric Acid
    (aka Muriatic Acid) to replenish Cupric Chloride etchers controlled by the OE
    Visuetch. When Copper is etched in Cupric Chloride etchant, Cuprous (Cu+)
    Copper is created in the etch solution. This must be regenerated back to Cupric
    (Cu++) Copper virtually immediately, or etch speed will fall dramatically.
    VISUETCH Replenisher converts Cuprous to Cupric Copper, and allows
    continuous, steady etching.