Photo Chemical Milling


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    E-Strip™ CB

    The E-Strip_ system will strip hardened or extra thick electrophoretic photoresists. The E-Strip_ system will safely strip resist from copper, stainless steel and Alloy 42 (Kovar, Invar), without attack to the base metal.

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    MicroClean™ 114

    MicroClean™ 114is a “micro-cleaner” that is designed to remove extremely tenacious soils from copper, iron, iron-nickel and iron-nickel-chrome alloys. MicroClean™ 114 was created to meet the needs of the Chemical Milling Industry. It can remove even baked-on organic compounds, such as may be found on sheets of Alloy 42, stainless steels or copper as they are received or after stripping baked-on photoresist.

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    ResiStrip™ PRT

    ResiStrip_ PRT is a non-phenol, non-chlorinated solvent stripper for fully cured and post-baked negative liquid photoresists. ResiStrip™ PRT strips cleanly and effectively and water rinses completely. When used as directed, ResiStrip™ PRT will not attack any common inorganic substrates (such as Silicon, Copper, Nickel, Gold, etc.) .