When manufacturers need specialized chemicals and mixtures, they turn to RBP for comprehensive toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and toll processing.

Our experienced chemists and supply chain teams will partner with you to formulate, scale-up, blend, package, label, warehouse and deliver custom chemistry — to your location or a specified third party.

  • Proven capabilities with technical toll blending and supply chain solutions
  • Custom and proprietary formulas for surface chemistry, coatings and specialty solvents
  • Inventory management and distribution for just-in-time delivery
  • ISO 9001 compliant US-based and international manufacturing facilities with global logistics expertise
  • Extensive production capacity and flexible packaging options of any size — from one quart to bulk truckload shipments

RBP’s world-class manufacturing facilities contain high-end, precision toll blending equipment — including variable-speed mixing systems for producing your chemicals products guaranteed to meet your performance requirements. To ensure your batches never vary, every blended batch receives careful attention to the same tight tolerances. And RBP maintains product retains for one year to confirm all quality and performance characteristics long-term.

By leveraging a wealth of global production and distribution capabilities, RPB’s focus on high technology products and in-depth support from the technical service team allows you to maximize productivity and minimize cost. Contact us to learn more.