Serious about technical service, RBP Chemical Technology offers you something that many of our competitors do not – a team of highly trained technical specialists at your service.

It’s an area that we continue to expand upon. These experienced chemists are experts at matching you up with products and solutions that meet the specific requirements of the electronics, printing and medical industries.

You can depend on our technical service specialist team to solve problems quickly and identify issues in advance. Here to help you troubleshoot problems over the phone or in person, you’ll find our chemistry knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry. You’re never left without an answer.

RBP cares about the continued success of your products, which is why we maintain an active onsite presence with our customers and offer extensive technical services.

Customer-Focused Supply Chain

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled service support

Continuous process improvement

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RBP Chemical Technology Capabilities

Pre-Installation Product Line Assessments

RBP conducts complete customer audits to fully understand your processes and product needs.

Customer-Focused Supply Chain

RBP Chemical Technology has established collaborative supply chain relationships with customer satisfaction and profitability in mind. These collaborative efforts ensure our products meet or exceed quality expectations, enhance the value of your products, arrive when expected and are competitively priced.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Leveraging expertise in the industries we serve, RBP constantly looks for ways to improve our customers’ performance.

Sustainment Service

RBP technical staff routinely follows up with you onsite to ensure your products are performing perfectly.

Analytical Chemistry

When you need to look beyond the big picture to examine the inner workings of your chemicals, RBP has the expertise and the technology to break it down. Our robust analytical laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and capabilities for analytical chemistry. RBP provides customers with detailed reports on their sample submissions, including the identification of unknown substances, assessment of the product’s compatibility and process assistance. Having the capabilities to analyze and identify unknowns allows us to troubleshoot customer problems quickly and effectively.

Custom Blending

Our customers trust our experienced chemists to create specialized chemicals and mixtures. RBP’s world-class manufacturing facilities contain high-end, precision blending equipment — including a variety of mixing tanks and variable-speed mixing systems for producing quality products guaranteed to meet your performance requirements. To ensure your batches never vary, every blended batch receives careful attention to the same tight tolerances. And RBP maintains product retains for one year to confirm all quality and performance characteristics long-term. Learn more about RBP custom blending.

Continuous Improvement for Pressrooms

RBP’s technical service professionals provide continual improvement to your press needs by auditing and testing your inks, press washes, fountain solutions, silicones and other pre-press and pressroom chemical requirements. If one of our existing formulas doesn’t do the trick, our chemists will create a custom product to meet your specifications.

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Research & Development.

The experienced staff of chemists and chemical engineers at RBP is always developing new products that meet and exceed the needs of the ever-evolving chemical marketplace. Their innovative, patented product ideas are backed by solid chemistry and address real-world problems to give you a competitive advantage in the markets you serve. In addition to providing a full line of off-the-shelf products, RBP’s product formulation experts create custom product solutions upon customer request. Our extensive custom blending knowledge is sought after in the development of proprietary toll products for private label manufacturing and packaging.

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