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Printers around the world turn to RBP for pressroom ink, chemicals, press parts, sorbents, adhesives, lubricants, cutting bars, cleaners, dosing devices and more to maximize efficiencies and optimize their printing processes.

We’ve all heard the phrase, print is dead. With more than 2.7 billion adults reading printed newspapers, books, magazines and catalogs, and millions more purchasing packaged goods, print is still very much alive.

RBP Chemical Technology is dedicated to delivering intelligent business solutions that cost-effectively optimize the performance of commercial printing operations and pressrooms – ensuring your devices function properly and meet or exceed customer expectations.

We collaborate with our customers to develop the right inks, chemistry and supplies for their products – whether they be one of our off-the-shelf products or a custom product solution created by our product formulation experts.

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Printing Chemicals

Pressroom Chemicals


Web Silicone Solutions for folders and sheeters.

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Fountain Solutions

Fountain solutions for heatset web, coldset web and sheetfed presses.

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Press Washes

Our full line of washing solutions for heatset web, coldset web and sheetfed presses.

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Flexo Products

Roller, general purpose and parts cleaner for Flexo and other applications.

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Plate Cleaners

Sprayed or hand-applied cleaners for baked and unbaked plates.

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Pre-Press / Gums

Plate Preservers and finishers for scratch resistance and durability.

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Press Additives

De-Foaming, ink drying, anti-bacterial and desensitizing additives.

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Specialty Washes

Blanket conditioners, roller cleaners and low VOC chemical solutions.

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Pressroom Parts & Consumables


Wide variety of blankets for sheetfed, heatset and non-heatset featuring Trelleborg and Day.

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Cutting Bars

We manufacture the highest quality cutting bars for heatset and non-heatset folder operations.

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Press Parts

Our full line of custom and O.E.M. press parts help you keep press downtime to a minimum.

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Dampener Covers

We offer longer lasting covers at a lower cost covers with free samples to try on press

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Tapes & Adhesives

Full line of heatset and non-heatset compatible splice tapes, pulpable and non-repulpable.

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The Sorbent and wiper headquarters featuring Sellars® brand of wipers and sorbents.

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Tools, Gauges & Mixers

Rely on tools from RBP to ensure proper product mixing and distribution.

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More Accessories

Explore all of our tools and supplies to ensure a successful pressroom.

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