RBP offers several fountain solutions for the Harris Web Offset Press.

The products listed below are suitable for Harris 850, 1600, 1650, V-15, V-22, V-25 and V-30.

TitleDescriptionPress TypepHVolumeVOC DetailsVOCDensityConductivityproduct_tag_hfilterpa_brand_hfilterpa_ph_hfilterpa_volume_hfilterpa_voc_hfilter
Unitrol™ 192Acidic 8 oz Fountain Concentrate for Metal and Polyester PlatesColdset, Sheetfed3.5-4.58oz/Gal0.68 lbs/gal, 81 g/L, 7.6%< 10%150cold-set sheet-fed3-5-4-58ozgal10
Platinum™ 1960Mild Acid 2 oz Fogra Approved Fountain ConcentrateColdset, Heatset4.5-5.52oz/GAL0%550cold-set heat-set4-5-5-52oz0
Liquid Gold™ 820NNeutral 2 oz Fountain Concentrate for Processless PlatesColdset6.5-7.02oz/GAL0.13 lbs/gal, 15 g/L, 1.5%< 10%640cold-set6-5-7-02oz10
Aqua Series™ 910 MAcidic 1-3 oz Fountain ConcentrateColdset, Heatset4.0-4.51oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL0.06 lbs/gal, 8 g/L, 0.7%< 10%750cold-set heat-set4-0-4-51oz 2oz 3oz10
Aqua Series™ 180 XHAcidic 3 oz Fountain Concentrate for Calcium ControlColdset, Heatset3.8-4.53oz/GAL0.01 lbs/gal, 2 g/L, 0.16%< 10%600cold-set heat-set3-8-4-53oz10
Platinum Plus™ 1651Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Continuous DampeningColdset, Heatset, Sheetfed, UV/EB3.5-4.55oz/GAL0.8 lbs/gal, 96 g/L< 10%8.7360cold-set heat-set sheet-fed uv3-5-4-55ozgal10
Platinum™ 1945Mild Acid Coldset and Heatset Fountain ConcentrateColdset, Heatset4.0-5.03oz/GAL0.07 lbs/gal, 8 g/L< 10%8.9660cold-set heat-setbaker-perkins dauphin diddeking goss hantscho harris heidelberg kba manroland manugraph mitsubishi quad-stack timson tks toshiba4-0-5-03oz10
Platinum™ 8200Low Dosage Acidic Fountain Concentrate Coldset, Heatset3.5-4.52oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL, 4oz/GAL0.9 lbs/gal, 108 g/L< 10%9.2700cold-set heat-setbaker-perkins goss hantscho harris heidelberg kba mitsubishi quad-stack timson toshiba3-5-4-52oz 3oz 4ozgal10
Liquid Gold™ 1481 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdset5.0-6.01oz/GAL0%9.41350cold-setdauphin goss kba manroland manugraph5-0-6-01oz0
Liquid Gold™ 158 I-HFogra Approved 2 oz Mild Acid Fountain ConcentrateColdset5.0-6.02oz/GAL0.15 lbs/gal, 18 g/L< 10%98.9600cold-setgoss kba5-0-6-02oz10
Liquid Gold™ 161-BGLow dosage mild acid fountain concentrate with added desensitizerColdset4.8-5.52oz/GAL0.46 lbs/gallon; 55 g/L< 10%9.1760cold-setmanroland4-8-5-52oz10
Liquid Gold™ 224Neutral Aqueous Fountain Solution ConcentrateColdset2oz/GAL0%700cold-set2oz0
Liquid Gold™ 2482 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdset4.5-5.52oz/GAL0%8.9700cold-setdauphin goss kba manroland manugraph4-5-5-52oz0
Liquid Gold™ 2622 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdset6.5-7.52oz/GAL0%9.0725cold-setdauphin goss kba manroland manugraph quad-stack tks6-5-7-52oz0
Liquid Gold™ 2722 oz Mild Acid Turbo Fountain ConcentrateColdset4.0-5.02oz/GAL0%8.9625cold-setharris manroland quad-stack tks4-0-5-02oz0
Liquid Gold™ 272 DHPremium 2 oz Mild Acid Fountain ConcentrateColdset4.5-5.02oz/GAL0%9.1780cold-set4-5-5-02oz0
Liquid Gold™ 2902 oz Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdset4.5-5.52oz/GAL0.6 lbs/gal, 72 g/L< 10%9.1550cold-set4-5-5-52oz10
Liquid Gold™ 5241 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for NewspapersColdset6.5-7.51oz/GALNone9.41445cold-setdauphin goss kba manroland manugraph quad-stack tks6-5-7-51oz
Liquid Gold™ 820Mild Acid Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdset4.5-5.52oz/GAL80 g/l, 0.18 lbs/gal< 10%8.87cold-set4-5-5-52oz10
Liquid Gold™ 960 N2 oz Neutral Fountain Concentrate for Coldset PrintingColdset5.5-6.52oz/GAL0.5 lbs/gal, 60 g/L< 10%8.9520cold-set5-5-6-52oz10
Concept 21® 5 Star MASuper Concentrate System for NewspapersColdset5-5.53oz/GAL10.41200cold-set5-5-53oz
Aqua Series™ 910 NPremium Neutral Web Fountain ConcentrateColdset, Heatset4.0-4.51oz/GAL, 2oz/GAL, 3oz/GAL0.7 lbs/gal750cold-set heat-set4-0-4-51oz 2oz 3oz
Aqua Series™ 970 MA-1Fogra Approved 2 oz Mild Acid Turbo Fountain ConcentrateColdset5.0-6.02oz/GAL0%9.1520cold-set5-0-6-02oz0
Aqua Series™ 180Two Step Acidic Sheetfed Fountain ConcentrateColdset, Heatset3.5-4.53oz/GAL0.7 lbs/gal, 84 g/L< 10%9.0 lbs/gal700cold-set heat-setheidelberg kba komori manroland mitsubishi3-5-4-53oz10