Parts & Supplies for Komori Presses

RBP Chemical Technology provides Komori pressrooms chemistry, inks, parts and supplies to keep operations running smoothly.

One of the largest manufacturers of printing presses in the world was founded in 1923. Based out of Japan, Komori manufactures security printing presses, sheetfed offset presses, web offset presses, heatset, new UV/eb technologies, narrow web presses, and more. RBP offers chemicals, supplies and inks for these presses. Now focused on providing product reliability as well as premium print quality, Komori supplies their clients with premium products providing unsurpassed inkjet output as well as high-quality intuitive software. Additionally, Komori offers unique line of premium press-room products companies working in an array of fields such as plate manufacture, pre-press, inks, and more.


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Parts & Supplies for All Komori Presses, Including:

  • OffsetOnDemand
  • DigitalOnDemand
  • H-UV
  • Lithrone Seies
  • Entrone Series
  • Spica Series
  • System Series
  • Banknote Series
  • Chambon Series
  • Impremia Series
  • Apressia Series

Printing Supply List

  • Wash Up Blades
  • Feeder Belts With and Without Holes
  • Gripper Pads, Springs & Other Parts
  • Heatset and Non-Heatset Tapes
  • Soft & Hard Cutting Bars
  • Dampener Covers
  • Sheetfed, Heatset and Non-Heatset Blankets
  • Sellars Wipers & Sorbents