Lithographic Inks, Chemicals and Supplies

Eye-catching, abrasion-resistant and available for both conventional and UV technologies, these low mitigation lithographic inks and coatings were created to provide excellent adhesion, superior print quality and meet all global food packaging requirements.

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Ink for Lithographic Printing

  • Low Migration Inks and Coating
  • 3-Piece UV and Thermal Cure Metal Decorating Inks
  • EcoPure® HPJ Sheetfed Offset Soy Inks
  • Vision™ Plus Sheetfed Offset Ink
  • INXPro™ Sheetfed Offset Ink
  • INXCure™ UV/EB Inks
  • Fusion™ UV Hybrid
  • EcoTech™ Heatset Ink
  • ColorTrac™ Web Offset Heatset Inks
  • FormsPro™ Web Offset Forms Ink
  • Special Effects Inks and Coatings
  • EcoTech™ Sheetfed Offset Folding Carton Inks
  • INXKote® Water and ProCure ™ UV Coating