Maintenance and Cleaning


RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in maintenance and cleaning chemistry for printed circuit board manufacturing.

Browse the table below to learn more about our maintenance and cleaning chemicals.

Equipment Cleaner IVAlkaline Resist StripperEquipment Cleaner IV removes water hardness, photoresist scum and metal salt deposits from chemical processing …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
SUMP PROAcceleratorA non-chelating, acidic equipment cleaner designed for use in developers and resist strippers. SUMP PRO …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
MAGNASTRIP™ 500Solder Mask RemoverAn alkaline liquid designed to remove fully cured liquid photoimageable acrylic solder masks from printed …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning solder-tin-stripping
SPECIAL FILM CLEANERAnti-static Film CleanerA pleasant smelling, hexane free film cleaner that removes grease and other soil marks from …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
SUMP DOCTOR™Equipment CleanerA liquid concentrate designed to clean and condition resist developing and Resist Stripper machines. It …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
TIDYLINE™ EQ-100Equipment CleanerA concentrated alkaline equipment cleaner designed to clean conveyorized processing equipment. TIDYLINE EQ-100 effectively removes …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
SCREENSOL™ SC-55Screen Cleaner and WashAn economical, solvent based screen wash formulated to remove solvent processible inks from printed circuits …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
SCREENSOL™ SC-560NScreen Cleaner and WashAn economical, non-flammable screen wash formulated to remove solvent processible inks from printed circuits screens …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
MaskStrip™High Capacity Solder Mask Stripper RD-85MaskStrip is designed to remove uncured UV and thermal solder mask from printed circuit boards …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
DPC-20 SCREEN CLEANER™Ink and Tape Residue RemoverA safe solvent based material for the removal of uncured printing inks and solder masks. …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
E-cleanDFAcid Equipment CleanerAn acidic, solvent-based, soluble equipment cleaner designed for use on photoresist developers and strippers. E-cleanDF …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
Equipment Cleaner II™Equipment Cleaner RDZ-1697Equipment Cleaner II removes water hardness, photoresist and soldermask scum and metal salt deposits from …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
EV SCREEN CLEANER™Screen Wash with High Evaporation RateA wipe-off screen cleaner formulated to rapidly remove inks from printed circuit screens and boards …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning
CUPRIC ETCH EQUIPMENT CLEANERCupric Etching Equipment CleanerProvides an effective clean out of Cupric Etcher sumps along with manual removal of deposits …electronics-chemicals maintenance-cleaning