Chemicals for Electronics Manufacturing

RBP Chemical

Chemical formulas developed by RBP Chemical Technology are tailored to meet the precise requirements of the electronics industry’s most advanced circuit boards.

RBP assures high-quality performance in the most demanding applications and environments, including aerospace, medical, defense and consumer markets as well as printed circuit board manufacturers in the PC fabrication, semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries.

  • Cost-effectively optimize the performance of electronics fabrication.
  • Ensure your devices function properly and meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Reduce per panel costs, give consistent performance, and reduce reject rates.
  • Restore burn-in-board test sockets and probe cards to as-new performance.

We collaborate with our customers to develop the right chemical technology solutions for their products – whether they be one of our off-the-shelf products or a custom product solution created by our product formulation experts. Download our guide to Chemical Surface Preparation or contact us to learn more.