Ink is transferring from one page to the next or book to book when completed.

Printed signatures or sheets in bundle or load are sticking together.

Oven temperature too low for web speed. Increase oven temperature.
Excessive ink film thickness Decrease ink settings, or consult ink manufacturer to increase strength.
Air flow in oven not sufficient to remove solvent vapors. Increase air flow at air-knife scavenger at dryer exit.
Chill system not working properly. Lower chill roll temperature to make sure ink resins are setting properly.
Paper stock is not porous enough, water content too high. Switch paper stock for better porosity and moisture content.
Bundling pressure setting too great causing a resoftening of ink. Adjust pressure to manufacturers specifications.
Ink taking on too much water. Consult ink manufacturer for lower water pickups.
Incorrect pH and conductivity in fountain solution. Check pH and conductivity of solution, rebatch if not at correct settings. Consult Fountain chemistry supplier.
Ink not drying at normal operating conditions Consult Ink manufacturer.
Ink is only drying on surface. Reduce press speed and adjust oven temperature to adequately dry ink.