Toning is the inability to remove fine ink particles that deposit on to the non — image area of the plate.

Tinting is ink pigments leaching from the ink and feeds back into the fountain solution, that then deposit in the non-image area of the plate.

Wrong pH/Conductivity Check and adjust as necessary. If problem persist consult with your F/S manufacturer
Roller settings or durometer not correct Check durometer and roller settings. Replace or adjust as necessary
Plate to blanket pressure to high Check and adjust to press manufacturer recommended settings
Plates Check exposure and processors
Press washes ( Detergent or oil based) Wash roller train and plates. Rinse 2 or 3 times thoroughly with warm water
Fountain solution to strong or weak Consult with your F/S manufacturer
Water temps to high Adjust recirculation tank chilling unit to 58°–65°. If no chilling unit available consider limited use of ice bags in recirculation tank
Ink Temperature Increase ink vibrator chill water to 80°–90°