Resist Strippers


RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in resist stripper chemistry for printed circuit board manufacturing.

Browse the table below to learn more about our resist stripper chemicals.

ResiStrip™ PFBZ (RDZ-1657)Chem Milling Resist Stripper RDZ-1435ResiStrip PFBZ is formulated to remove a wide variety of fully aqueous photoresists in a …electronics-chemicals resist-stripper
ResiStrip™ SRChem Milling Resist Stripper RDZ-1435ResiStrip™ SR is designed to the chemical milling industry’s requirements for stripping resist from Copper, Alloy …electronics-chemicals resist-stripper
LDI Strip 77Alkaline Resist StripperLDI Strip 77 is a semi-aqueous photoresist stripper formulated for stripping very fine line circuit …electronics-chemicals resist-stripper
ADF-55AcceleratorFormulated to remove fully aqueous dry films and liquid resists in soak or spray applications. …electronics-chemicals outer-layer-processing resist-stripper
ResiStrip™ 5000Alkaline Resist StripperResiStrip 5000 is designed to strip difficult to remove photoresists and LDI films quickly, thoroughly …electronics-chemicals resist-stripper
ResiStrip™ MNDHigh Performance Photoresist Stripper RDZ-1403ResiStrip MND is designed to completely remove LDI photoresist from Copper and Copper based substrates. …electronics-chemicals outer-layer-processing resist-stripper
SEMICON RESIST STRIPAqueous Photoresist Stripper ConcentrateA highly concentrated product formulated to remove today’s newest dry film resists in soak or …electronics-chemicals resist-stripper
MICROSTRIP™ 2000Fine Line Resist StripperA semi-aqueous photoresist stripper for stripping very fine line circuit boards. MICROSTRIP 2000 contains additives …electronics-chemicals outer-layer-processing resist-stripper
Microstrip™ONEFine Line Resist StripperA fully aqueous based resist stripper designed to remove the most tenacious resists. Microstrip ONE …electronics-chemicals outer-layer-processing resist-stripper
DUAL STRIP™ BATResist and Ink StripperFormulated to remove fully aqueous dry films and screen ink resists in soak or spray …electronics-chemicals inner-layer-processing resist-stripper
DX™ STRIP BATResist and Ink StripperProvides additional antitarnish protection while removing fully aqueous liquid photoresists in spray or soak applications. …electronics-chemicals inner-layer-processing outer-layer-processing resist-stripper