Antifoams for Electronics


RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in antifoams for printed circuit board manufacturing.

Browse the table below to learn more about our antifoam chemicals.

FoamFREE™ 940Foam Control for Aqueous DevelopersA highly effective foam suppressant for aqueous developing and stripping of DuPont™ RISTON® photopolymer films. …antifoams-for-electronics electronics-chemicals
FoamFREE™ ONEAqueous Developer/Stripper AntifoamA silicone free, non-solvent based aqueous antifoam for primary image developers and strippers and solder …antifoams-for-electronics electronics-chemicals
Defoamer FE™Defoamer RDZ-1314Defoamer FETM is a fully organic non-Silicone water-soluble defoamer that rinses readily and leaves no …antifoams-for-electronics electronics-chemicals