Cobalt Chrome is a biocompatible metal alloy often used in orthopedic implants, dental implants and other medical devices.

Cobalt Chrome requires specific chemical solutions to ensure effectiveness and decrease the risk of rejection. RBP Chemical Technology is the leader in development, manufacturing and the distribution of specialty chemical processes for the cleaning and passivation of Cobalt Chrome and other metal alloys used for implanted medical devices.

Solutions for cleaning, deoxidizing and polishing medical implant devices.

Find your material below to learn more about our processes and chemistry for medical implant devices.

Process StepProductDescription
Step 1: Pre-CleanMicroClean™ TiDegreaser+, designed to remove soils that could interfere with subsequent processes
Step 2: DeoxidizeCoCr Cleaner™Strongly acidic, for light oxide
Step 2: DeoxidizeAlkaline Descale™A strongly oxidizing surface conditioner designed to descale cobalt/chromium and other chromium based alloys before chemical polishing or electropolishing
Step 2: DeoxidizeDescale Remover™An acidic chemistry that removes smut and residual metal oxide solubilized by Aklaline Descale
Step 3: ElectropolishCoCr ElectropolishAcidic electropolish chemistry