• Blanket & Roller Wash

    This industry standard is a deep cleaning rubber conditioner and rejuvenator that lifts and removes hardened ink and embedded pigments in one easy step. It creates a velvety clean surface for excellent sheet release and restores blankets and rollers to like-new condition. BLANKET CONDITIONER is also very effective as a glaze remover.

  • Cal Free™

    Effectively removes calcium glazing and build-up from the rollers. CAL FREE is formulated with powerful calcium dissolving chemicals that quickly remove unwanted build up. When used as a general maintenance tool for weekly clean-ups, it will completely eliminate calcium related problems such as ink stripping and poor ink transfer.

  • Chemsolv™

    Fast Evaporating Solvent Wash for Small Press Equipment

  • Color Change Wash

    A non-separating viscous solution used as the first step in a color change wash-up. A unique combination of solvents and surface active emulsifiers formulated for superior cleaning of ink train with minimal amount of solution.

  • DT-600™

    DT-600 is an aqueous alkaline press wash for use on rollers, blankets, press parts and floors. This product is environmentally friendly and contains a unique blend of cleaners to remove contaminants from all types of surfaces. DT-600 is nonhazardous, very low in VOC’s, and has no odor.

  • Kwik Wash™

    A fast evaporating wash for small to medium size presses. KWIK WASH effectively removes ink and paper contaminants and contains no chlorinated or halogenated solvents that may be ozone depleting.

  • LoxClean™

    LoxClean is a newly developed anilox roller cleaner formulated to remove and lift embedded ink from all types of anilox rollers. This product was specically designed to remove water or aqueous based inks quickly and efficiently from the anilox roller. LoxClean is non-hazardous, very low in VOC’s, contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents, and is an environmentally safe aqueous mixture that can diluted with water to remove all types of contaminants. This product, when used regularly, will restore the cell volume and prevent buildup of pigments in the anilox roller cells.

  • Metering Roller Cleaner 5020

    METERING ROLLER CLEANER 5020 is a fast evaporating metering roller cleaner designed to replace the ozone-depleting, chlorinated solvent based roller cleaners. This product will clean the roller surface effectively and without leaving any residue behind to contaminate the dampening system. METERING ROLLER CLEANER 5020 contains no chlorinated or halogenated solvents.

  • NPR Plus™

    A powerful non-photochemically reactive formula for both sheetfed and web presses. Unique additives greatly improve NPR PLUS’s ability to remove ink and contaminants faster and more thoroughly on blankets and rollers. NPR PLUS is nonflammable with a moderate evaporation rate. It contains reduced aromatic hydrocarbons and is fully compliant with regulations regarding photochemical reactivity.

  • Speciality Flexo Parts Cleaner

    Highly Concenrated Cleaner for Use in Flexographic Printing Equipment Parts

  • Sure Fold™

    Web & Off-Line Fold Softening Solution

  • System Cleaner

    A dampening system cleaner designed to remove ink, lint, growth and other contaminants from the recirculating system of any type press. SYSTEM CLEANER contains biocides to help eliminate growth, cleaning agents to remove ink and desensitizers to reduce and remove corrosion. SYSTEM CLEANER effectively cleans the recirculating system, allowing for optimum performance of the fountain concentrate.

  • Wide Format Cleaner

    Wide Format Cleaner is a specially designed cleaner for use on inkjet printing equipment. This cleaner is used to clean various parts including the drum, gripper, cutter knife, waste filters, and other parts. The Wide Format Cleaner can also be used to flush and clean the pumps and printheads. This product is particularly effective on the Scitex HP Inkjet printers.

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