Inks, Chemicals and Supplies for Heatset Printing

Formulated to deliver superior press performance and exceptional print quality, heatset inks are the go-to color solution for the news and advertising and insert market. Fast-drying, rub-resistant and compatible with most fountain solutions, these inks are designed to meet G-7 printing requirements and ISO 2846-1 standards for shade and hue, and are available for a wide array of paper types.

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Ink for Heatset Printing

  • ColorTrac™ Web Offset Heatset Inks
  • EcoTech™ Heatset Ink
  • ProCure ™ UV Coatings

Our Heatset Printing Chemicals

Platinum™ 1960Mild Acid 2 oz Fogra Approved Fountain Concentrate
Platinum™ 1175Acidic 4 oz Fountain Concentrate for Low VOC Requirements
Platinum Plus™ 800Mild Acid 5 oz Economical Fountain Concentrate
Platinum Plus™ 1684Mild Acid 5 oz Fountain Concentrate for Continuous Dampening
Platinum Plus™ 1680Acidic 5 oz Low VOC, Zero Glycol Ether EB Fountain Concentrate
Platinum Plus™ 1678Mild Acid 5 oz FOGRA Approved Fountain Concentrate
Platinum Plus™ 1600Acidic 5 oz Phosphate-Free Fountain Concentrate for Press Speeds up to 1200 fpm
Concept 21® STM 6.0Mild Acid Super Concentrate System
Concept 21® STM 4.0Mild Acid Super Concentrate System
Aqua Series™ 910 MAcidic 1-3 oz Fountain Concentrate
Aqua Series™ 180 XHAcidic 3 oz Fountain Concentrate for Calcium Control
Platinum Plus™ 1651Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Continuous Dampening
Platinum Plus™ 600Economical Acidic Continuous Fountain Concentrate
Platinum Plus™ 9100Economical Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Hard Water
Platinum Plus™ 9500High Wetting Mild Acid Continuous Fountain Concentrate
Platinum Plus™ UCUltra Concentrated Fountain Solution for Heatset Webs
Platinum™ 1067Acidic Fountain Concentrate for Heatset Printing
Platinum™ 1945Mild Acid Coldset and Heatset Fountain Concentrate
Platinum™ 8200Low Dosage Acidic Fountain Concentrate 
Concept 21® ADM 1.0Fountain Solution System
Concept 21® ADM 3.0Fountain Solution System for Sheet-Fed Presses
Aqua Series™ 910 NPremium Neutral Web Fountain Concentrate
Aqua Series™ 180Two Step Acidic Sheetfed Fountain Concentrate