Concept 21® ADM 1.0

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A unique color management tool designed specifically for managing print characteristics on press. Concept 21 allows press operators to manufacture their own specific fountain solution on-site to meet specific press needs. Precision blending technology adapted from the pharmaceutical industry blends proprietary, ultra-concentrated chemistry for concise color management in the pressroom. Concept 21 allows printers to handle a wide range of conditions: differing presses, papers, inks, plates and water. Solves problems such as: ? Feedback ? Piling (Ink and Paper) ? Plate Sensitivity ? Roller Stripping ? Flashing ? Poor ink & water balance ? Dot gain and more, by the use of a single system which can adjust chemistry to meet multiple conditions. Concept 21 is not a “one size fits all” product, but a system that allows you the versatility to replicate virtually any fountain solution on the market, on press, without bringing in new chemistry.

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