Prepress & Gums

  • Apex® Gold

    A plate finisher designed for use in all types of processors. APEX® GOLD is compatible with all types of metal plates, including digital. It contains a special blend of desensitizers, film formers and wetting agents that provide excellent protection from handling scratches and fingerprints. APEX GOLD ensures a plate that starts up quickly and without sensitivity, for reduced paper waste.

  • Apex® Platinum

    A superior finishing gum designed to be used in all processors on all types of metal plates and for the toughest scratches. APEX® PLATINUM contains unique ingredients to help protect the non-image area from severe scratches due to mishandling, finger prints and general sensitivity. It provides excellent start-ups and maximum protection of the non-image area.

  • Asphaltum Gum

    A multi-purpose gum emulsion for use in the plateroom and pressroom. ASPHALTUM GUM provides superb non-image desensitizing while enhancing ink receptivity of the image area, allowing for quick, clean start-ups. ASPHALTUM GUM also acts as a short term storage gum and is very effective at removing ink and pin dot oxidation.

  • Gum Arabic 14°Bé

    This gum arabic solution contains no substitutes, fillers or extenders. It contains pure gum arabic for superior desensitizing and biocides to stabilize and control biological growth. RBP’s GUM ARABIC 14 Bé is excellent for various applications such as Press Additives and plate desensitizers.

  • Petro Gum®

    A unique premium gum asphaltum emulsion that protects and desensitizes non-image areas while ensuring ink receptivity of image areas on lithographic plates. PETRO GUM® is an all-purpose gum for short or long term plate storage.

  • Special Film Cleaner

    SPECIAL FILM CLEANER is a high-performance, hexane-free, anti-static cleaner for removing oil, grease, fingerprints and soil from positive and negative films.

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