Plate Cleaners

  • Digi Plate Cleaner™

    An acid based plate cleaner designed for use on CTP plates. DIGI PLATE CLEANER has a blend of acids and cleaners to effectively remove ink and sensitivity from the plate without affecting the image area of the unbaked CTP plate. This product can be used on the fly” as well as by hand. “”n acid based plate cleaner desig”

  • EZI Clean™

    An acidic emulsion plate cleaner and preserver designed to remove unwanted ink and scum from the plate’s image and non-image areas. EZI CLEAN contains solvents, cleaners, and desensitizers that effectively clean the plate while protecting it from oxidation. EZI CLEAN is also highly effective for short term plate storage.

  • Hydro Clean™

    An acidic plate cleaner designed for use on the new digital plates. Its unique ingredients renew ink receptivity of the image area while keeping the background desensitized. HYDRO CLEAN™ also cleans and desensitizes scratches in the nonimage area.


    A low VOC, fast acting alkaline cleaner proven compatible with aqueous plates, when used according to directions. ON THE FLY quickly and effectively desensitizes scratches and other plate sensitivity in the non-image areas while web press is running. Excellent plate desensitizer for press start-ups. Use as a traditional cleaner in sheetfed presses with the same effective results.

  • PC 400

    A highly effective plate cleaner that removes ink and plate oxidation to provide a clean, desensitized surface for quick startups. PC 400 contains additives for desensitizing scratches and cleaners that remove unwanted scumming toning and tinting in the non-image area. PC 400 can be used either by hand or as a spray on web presses for clean startups.

  • RE-NU™

    Designed for use as a general cleaner and restorer for plates coming out of long term storage. RE-NU removes hardened gum and plate oxidation, and brings plates back to press ready condition. This product contains a unique blend of ingredients that will effectively desensitize the non-image area and provide quick, clean startups. RE-NU is also an excellent plate cleaner for scumming, tinting and toning on press.

  • Re-Start™ 7001

    Re-start 7001 is a water based alkaline plate cleaner that will effectively remove lint, ink, and sensitivity from the printing plate. This product contains ingredients that will desensitize the non-image area of the plate and provide clean, fast start-ups for reduced paper waste. Re-start 7001 is easy to use, either by hand or spray and contains negligible VOC’s and no phosphates.