Press Additives

  • Anti Stripping Solution

    An acidic fountain press mix additive to help control stripping of ink in the rollers. ANTI STRIPPING SOLUTION is designed to be added to any press mix for improved performance and elimination of roller stripping.

  • FS Hardener™

    A treated water preconditioner designed for use with R.O. or deionized water sources. FS HARDENER re-introduces beneficial minerals to the water to make it more suitable for the printing process. FS HARDENER contains agents that reduce the corrosive nature of R.O. water and will add conductivity back to the water at a controlled rate.

  • Growth Inhibitor

    GROWTH INHIBITOR fountain additive is a special blend designed to control growth of bacteria and fungus in the pressroom. The product is designed to work as a continuous additive controlling growth and as a “quick kill” product to kill actively growing bacteria and fungi. GROWTH INHIBITOR can be added to mixing tanks without interrupting production. GROWTH INHIBITOR is highly concentrated and can be used effectively at relatively low dosage rates.

  • Metallic Ink Desensitizer

    Designed to help keep non-image areas free of sensitivity when running metallic inks. Cleaner non-image areas assist in reducing the water settings and maintaining good ink/water balance.

  • Non-Piling Agent

    Designed to help reduce paper lint and other build-up on blankets. NON-PILING AGENT contains water loving lubricants that help keep the blankets and non-image area clean. It has medium VOC’s and contains no SARA Title III, Section 313 reportables.


Antistatic Additives

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