Other Industries

  • Degreaser & Release Agent 180F

    Degreaser & Release Agent 180F is a water-rinseable, bio-based solvent which cuts through greasy soils, grime, wax, tars, and gum on asphalt spreaders, haulers, pavers, and other industrial equipment. Degreaser & Release Agent 180F can be used at full strength or diluted in both spray and spot cleaning applications

  • Ferric Cleaner

    Ferric Cleaner removes water hardness, photoresist scum and metal salt deposits from chemical processing equipment. Specifically developed for the chemical milling industry it is very useful in spray equipment causing no damage to metal and plastic parts. It can be applied in ferric etchers, dry film developers, strippers and cleaner equipment modules.

  • Ferric Defoamer™

    Ferric Defoamer is a fully organic, non-silicone, water-soluble defoamer that rinses readily and leaves no residue. It is designed for systems where clean rinsing is essential. It is odor-free and biodegradable. Ferric Defoamer is ideal for defoaming ferric chloride and ferric nitrate etchants. Ferric Defoamer is a powerful but application specific defoamer, which works well only at certain temperatures and in concentrated etchants.

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