RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in lamination chemistry for printed circuit board manufacturing.

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ProductDescriptionDetailsBase Metalproduct_cat_hfilter
MagnaBond™ 400Copper Surface PrepMagnabond 400 is an oxide alternative process that prepares copper surfaces for lamination by forming …lamination electronics-chemicals
Ultraclean™ NFAlkaline cleaner for spray applicationsFormulated to remove dirt, oil, fingerprints and other soils from copper surfaces without etching the …copper-cleaning lamination electronics-chemicals
PrepBond™Alkaline cleanerAn alkaline cleaner for use in the LAYERBOND 2000 adhesion promoter process. PREPBOND provides complete …copper-cleaning lamination electronics-chemicals
Quantum Etch™Microetchant for copperA stabilized peroxide product for use with sulfuric acid to form a peroxide/sulfuric microetch. QUANTUM …lamination electronics-chemicals
MagnaBond™ CO-300Copper Oxide ProcessA copper oxide process uniquely formulated to produce a variety of oxide coatings ranging from …lamination electronics-chemicals