• AQUANOL® 600

    A cost effective, concentrated alcohol replacer for use on high speed web and sheetfed presses. It contains highly active wetting agents for reducing the surface tension of the press ready solution. AQUANOL 600 is compatible with all types of fountain solutions, Press Additives, plates and substrates. Depending upon conditions, AQUANOL 600 can reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol while maintaining high quality standards.

  • Concept 21® ADM SF

    A unique system of concentrated chemistries, ADM SF and STM SF delivered by precision blending technology that allows printers to “manufacture” an exact fountain solution to meet their specific press needs. Press operators create a press mix that accounts for ink, plate, paper and other variables, to ensure a consistent color managed pressroom environment.

  • Concept 21® STM SF

    Mild Acid Super Concentrate System

  • Platinum Plus™ 1651

    A one-step acidic fountain concentrate formulated for medium speed web printing with continuous dampening. PLATINUM PLUS 1651 is designed to run with most substrates and plate types to create a stable print platform that provides faster start ups, calcium control, and reduced piling. Formulated to run with UV, EB, coldest, and heatset inks.

  • Unitrol® 1500

    A one-step fountain concentrate for sheetfed and small web presses that contains ink drying agents to aid on non-absorbent stocks. UNITROL 1500 also contains additives to help control and maintain water settings for excellent print contrast and ink densities.

  • Unitrol® 1600

    State of the art wetting system controls ink feedback, lowers water settings and provides excellent ink and water balance. Wetting system agents reduce ink feedback in the dampening system for less contamination of the recirculation system and easier cleanups and restarts. UNITROL 1600 runs optimally on a variety of sheetfed equipment, including Heidelberg presses with Alcolor dampening systems, without the addition of alcohol or alcohol replacers. It minimizes the attack on newer paper stocks, reducing calcium buildup on rollers, blankets and plates. UNITROL 1600 also contains compounds that help keep the non-image area clean and desensitized.

  • Unitrol® 2500

    A one-step acidic fountain concentrate for all types of sheetfed presses. UNITROL 2500 contains additives to help control and maintain water settings for excellent print contrast and ink densities. This new one step concentrate was specifically designed to replace alcohol or alcohol replacers. This product also contains wetting components that help control ink build up in the dampening system.

  • UNITROL® 7756

    An one or two step acidic fountain concentrate designed for sheetfed press. This fountain concentrate provides superior ink and water balance and color control with a versatile operating window. UNITROL 7756 is formulated to run with or without an alcohol replacer depending on a customers needs and application.

  • Unitrol™ 192

    Acidic 8 oz Fountain Concentrate for Metal and Polyester Plates

  • Unitrol™ 2100

    Acidic 6 oz Fountain Concentrate for Optimal Operating Window

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