Commodity Chemicals


RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in developing chemistry for commodity chemicals.

Browse the table below to learn more about our commodity chemical solutions.

Acidified PumiceAn acidified pumice scrubACIDIFIED PUMICEis a uniform blend of fine pumice and citric acid, ideally suited for micro-roughening …commodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Cupric Etch Replenisher ™Cupric Etch Replenisher commodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Copper Sulfate SolutionElectronic gradeRBP?s COPPER SULFATE SOLUTIONis manufactured using only sulfuric acid and pure copper metal. No recycled …commodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Hydrochloric Acid 20 Becommodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Sodium Chlorate Solution40% Liquid Solutioncommodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Sulfuric Acid Reagent GradeReagent grade etchcommodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
Sulfuric Acid 93% PC GradeHigh purity etch back gradecommodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals
FERRIC CHLORIDE 42 BEFerric Chloride SolutionFerric Chloride Solution is acidic and should be handled only with appropriate safety equipment including …commodity-chemicals electronics-chemicals