Circutek™ ME-515

A powdered material that is mixed with water and sulfuric acid to make a mild etch solution for copper and copper alloys. The operating solution provides a bright, clean, uniformly etched copper surface on printed circuit boards. CIRCUTEK ME-515 operating solution is specially formulated to be used in place of a sulfuric/peroxide or sodium or ammonium persulfate etching solution. It is excellent for removing tarnish and oxidation from the copper surface, and can be used prior to electroless and electrolytic plating, after tab stripping.

When used prior to electrolytic plating as part of a pattern cleaning system, CIRCUTEK ME-515 cleans and etches copper surfaces. It aids in the removal of dry film binder residues that penetrate into the copper-clad surface of printed circuit boards.

Download Data Sheets

Download Data Sheets
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