Grater & Velcro Wrap


We sell only the finest quality metal grater wrap, with or without a Teflon coating, to help you eliminate web marking and idler ink build-up. Other benefits of grater wrap use include reducing idler roller wash-up time and saving on paper and ink.

Plain grater wrap is best for light-duty applications or where short-term economy is desired. Our quality Plain material is plated on both sides to prevent rust and corrosion. In heavy-duty use situations, Teflon coated grater wrap material can last five times longer than uncoated material. The Teflon coating also maximizes freedom from ink pick-up and is easy to clean. Our RL-21 Cleaning Brush helps prolong the useful life of Teflon grater wrap.

Commonly ordered Parts
SP0668 GRATER, TEFLON 1 ½” X 500′
SP0186 GRATER, TEFLON 1 ½” X 125′
SP0184 GRATER, TEFLON 1 ½” X 25′
SP0187 GRATER, TEFLON 1 ½” X 250′
SP0185 GRATER, TEFLON 1 ½” X 50′
SP0189 GRATER, TEFLON 2 ¼” X 125′
SP0190 GRATER, TEFLON 2 ¼” X 250′
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