RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in hot air leveling chemistry for printed circuit board manufacturing.

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ProductDescriptionDetailsBase Metalproduct_cat_hfilter
Acti FloHAL fluxA mildly activated, water soluble flux for use prior to hot oil pot fusing. ACTI-FLOis …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
291 FluxHAL fluxA mildly activated flux for use prior to hot oil fusing. 291 FLUXis formulated without …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Board Brite IIAcid cleaner for tinBOARD BRITE IIis an acid cleaner for cleaning and conditioning tin/lead plated board surfaces. It …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Solder Conditioner 417Acid cleaner for tinAn acid tin/lead cleaner designed to remove salt residues that remain after alkaline etching. The …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Thermo Flo™Water-soluble fusing fluidA synthetic, water soluble fusing fluid that has been custom blended for tin/lead fusing and …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Quench Aide™ 96Rinse agentFor use following hot air leveling or fusing. QUENCH AIDE 96 reduces the temperature of …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Rinse Aide™ 90CleanerA completely biodegradable concentrate formulated for removing flux residues from printed circuit boards. It effectively …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Rinse Aide™ 95CleanerFormulated for removing insoluble flux residues and ionic contaminants from printed circuit boards following leveling …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
LevelCote™ Cover Oil 300Solder blanket oil for HALLEVELCOTE COVER OIL 300 is formulated for use as a solder blanket oil for horizontal …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
LevelCote™ Flux 350HAL fluxLEVELCOTE FLUX 350 is a unique blend of ingredients formulated for use in a horizontal …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Flo Rite™ 60HAL fluxFLO RITE 60 is a unique blend of ingredients for use in a horizontal and …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals
Flo Rite™ LVHAL fluxA chloride-organic acid activated flux designed for maximum performance in vertical hot air leveling machines, …hot-air-leveling-hal electronics-chemicals