ElectroClean™ EC (RD-44)

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ElectroClean EChas been used in automated reverse current(anodic) cleaning machines, such as the machine offered by the ChemcutCorporation, but can be used in any automated cleaning process. ElectroClean ECremoves any coatings, organic soils, fingerprints. When cleaning copper, ElectroClean ECis often followed by an acid cleaner, but can be followedby a microetch.This will usually not be necessary when ElectroClean ECis used as an anodic electrocleaner.ElectroClean ECcan be used for cleaningcopper, iron and stainless steel.Machine clean-out is facilitated as sludging is negligible. Solution life is monitored by checking metal content. Change out working solution when sludging is observed, or metal content exceeds 5 grams per liter.

Download Data Sheets

Download Data Sheets
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