Step Ten

  • Circutek A-778

    An acidic liquid concentrate which modifies palladium catalyzed surfaces for subsequent deposition of electroless copper. CIRCUTEK A-778produces a highly active surface for initiating rapid copper deposition while protecting the electroless copper bath from drag in contamination from the activator solution.

  • Circutek CC-710

    An alkaline solution to prepare and condition printed circuit boards for through-hole metallization. CIRCUTEK CC-710is specially formulated to remove fingerprints, light soil and other contaminates from copper foil. It also conditions hard to catalyze surfaces such as organic resin and glass for subsequent electroless copper deposition. CIRCUTEK CC-710is supplied as a liquid concentrate.

  • Circutek CC-720

    Circutek CC-720 is an acidic cleaner/conditioner for use in the electroless copper metallization process in the PCB industry. It is formulated to remove fingerprints, light soil and other contaminants from copper foil. It also conditions non-metallic surfaces such as organic resin and glass for subsequent catalyst chemisorption and electroless copper deposition.

  • Cubrite CF-110

    A matte acid copper plating additive formulated for plating baths with high throwing power resulting in excellent surface to hole thickness ratios in through-hole plating of printed circuit boards. Based on economical copper sulfate and sulfuric acid, it is easy to make up, operate and control. CuBrite CF-110is a single grain refining agent that is added on an ampere hour basis and is notremoved by circulation of the plating solution through afilter packed with carbon. The addition agent reaction products and organic contamination can thus be removed on a continuous basis to assure excellent deposit ductility. CuBrite CF-110produces fine-grained, soft, matte deposits that insure good solderability, resist adhesion and etch characteristics.

  • CuBrite™ PC-520

    An additive containing the carrier component of the brightener system for CuBrite PC-
    525 copper plating bath. CuBrite PC-520 can replenish the carrier component without
    excessive additions of brightener to maintain desired characteristics of the plated copper
    deposit. It can be used after carbon treatment of the plating bath, or whenever there is
    excessive drag-out of the plating solution.

  • CuBrite™ PC-525

    A copper plating additive for acid sulfate plating baths designed specifically for high throwing power through-hole plating of printed circuit boards. CuBrite PC-525 produces bright copper deposits that provide consistent thermal stress performance. CuBrite PC-525 is a single, clear addition agent, added on an ampere hour basis, which is used to control the brightness and physical properties of the deposit. The extreme stability of this additive greatly reduces the need for routine solution purification.

  • TinPlate™ PC-625

    TinPlate PC-625 is an organic grain refiner that is used to aid in the electroplating of tin in
    the application for SMOBC fabrication. TinPlate PC-625 is formulated to improve the
    throwing power of the bath, aid in refining grain structure, and prevent treeing. It is added
    based on amp hours and will increase limiting current density and control deposit
    characteristics over a wide range of current densities. It produces a bright silver white
    deposit. TinPlate PC-625 eliminates the need for lead and fluoborates used in
    conventional etch resist plating processes. If an extra wetting agent is needed,
    use TinPlate PC-625 Starter. Please consult your service representative for additions.

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