Web Silicone Solutions Eliminate Marking & Static Build-up

Introducing RBP Web Silicone Solutions: Trouble-free finishing solutions to minimize and eliminate marking and static build-up.

Available in three variations, Silver, Gold and Platinum, RBP Chemical Technology launched a new line of Web Silicone Solutions Coating, designed to minimize and eliminate marketing and static build up on the web of paper during the folding, cutting (sheeting) and stacking operations. These emulsions contain additives to enhance the performance of the silicone and make for trouble free finishing. Available in various concentration levels to meet specific needs. Packaged and available in USA measurements of 1 gallon bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, and 330 gallon tote.

WSS Coating Silicones Advantages:

  • Pre-mixed with Anti-Stat Agents to reduce static in production and delivery
  • Pre-mixed with Anti-Bacterial Growth Inhibitor to reduce bacteria growth
  • Enhanced slip agents reduces marking and abrasion
  • Quick drying
  • No-residue
  • Allows flexibility in dosing and concentration, realizing savings from lower concentrate levels
  • Reduces paper waste

RBP researches, designs, develops and manufactures all its products in the USA. Through our testing lab we have the ability to manufacture all our products to meet industry needs. We feature on site chemical engineers, chemists and industry professionals to test, monitor and recommend the proper product to meet your specific needs.

Contact RBP today for WSS product details and pricing.

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