Technical Capabilities

August 24, 2018

Working with Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits were first introduced as a replacement for wire harnesses. The earliest versions date back to World War II. Today, flex and rigid flex circuits are filling an important role across multiple industries, include applications in the medical, automotive, and telecom fields.

August 17, 2018

The Importance of Surface Preparation

Today we are being asked by OEMs, particularly in the high-frequency space, for ways to minimize the amount of surface roughness to provide for enhanced electrical properties. Of course, when you minimize roughness you also run the risk of compromising the optimum adhesion of the smoothed material – especially if you don’t do any surface prep.

November 28, 2012

Meet RBP’s Technical Leadership

Meet the advanced troubleshooters who have spent their entire careers in the chemical industry and know RBP products inside and out. A unique source of customer support, they offer a thorough understanding of chemistry and unrivaled pressroom expertise. RBP’s technical service specialists are found not only problem-solving on the front lines, but also work diligently behind the scenes on new product development.