Controlling Growth in the Pressroom

As summer warms up so does the pressroom – all too often pressmen experience an increase in growth and keeping the press/equipment clean can become more difficult. Fountain solutions contain biocides to control growth, but at times they are just not enough to keep the press at peak performance. Controlling biological growth and keeping the press mix clean can be accomplished by using UV light sources, ultrasonic methods, oxidizers such as bleach or peroxides, temperature, and biocides.

RBP Chemical Technology recently added two products to our line to combat growth in the pressroom — an improved Growth Inhibitor and a 7% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. Both products are very effective at keeping your system clean, the main difference is how they accomplish this function. The Hydrogen Peroxide solution is a strong oxidizer that will kill algae and bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane quickly and then decomposes to water and oxygen. Our Growth Inhibitor is a concentrated mix of biocides that are toxic to micro-organisms; they are much longer lasting and will not decompose as quickly as an oxidizer.

Which is better? — It depends…

Hydrogen Peroxide is added to the recirculation system when the press is not running. After an hour or two of circulating, the system is drained and rinsed with water. Hydrogen Peroxide can be added to the press mix on a continuous basis, but will breakdown very quickly and is limited in its effectiveness. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used to keep water tanks clean and free of growth.

Growth Inhibitor is added to the press mix while running, avoiding the need to shut the press down to flush the system. Low level concentrations can be added on a regular basis to control growth or can be added “over the side” as a shock type treatment.

Which one is right for you?

Are you looking for a long lasting, easy to handle, broadly compatible fountain additive? Growth Inhibitor – is the product of choice, it will save you time and labor.

If you need a very effective, inexpensive, quick kill agent or have a very contaminated system – then Hydrogen Peroxide is your product of choice.

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