RBP Chemical Technology Responds to Market Need With a New One-Step Fountain Solution

In Booth #3044 during PRINT13, RBP will introduce Unitrol® 2500 fountain solution, updated to run on newer, high-speed sheetfed presses.

Sheetfed, commercial and packaging printers running newer high-speed presses are demanding updated fountain solutions to replace alcohol or alcohol replacers. RBP Chemical Technology, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., (www.rbpchemical.com) is responding to this need with the launch of its new Unitrol® 2500, a one-step sheetfed fountain concentrate during PRINT13, September 8 – 12, 2013, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.  RBP, a nearly 60-year-old veteran developer, manufacturer and distributor of high performance chemicals and consumable supplies, has created the one-step fountain concentrate to run on all types of sheetfed presses. 

For two-step product users, Mark Heimerl, director of sales, RBP Chemical Technology, says a one-step fountain solution is easier to apply. “Unitrol 2500 eliminates the variability found in traditional two-step products, offering customers a more consistent ink and water balance.”

Mix Tank
RBP Chemical Technology adds the new Unitrol® 2500 to its fountain solutions line-up.

Fueled by customer feedback, the company’s on-site chemists and chemical engineers developed Unitrol 2500’s updated chemistry. Compatible with newer presses that run at higher speeds and require swifter make-ready turnarounds for short or long runs, Unitrol 2500 contains additives to help control and maintain water settings for excellent print contrast and ink densities.

“It facilitates faster make-readies, making it possible for presses to come to color quicker,” explains Heimerl.

Formulated to deliver a dry sheet, Unitrol 2500 eliminates the need for alcohol while significantly abbreviating ink drying time. It also contains wetting components that help control ink build up in the dampening system.

Cost savings is another benefit that makes the new Unitrol 2500 appealing to the sheetfed printing marketplace. Rather than buying a fountain solution and alcohol substitute, Unitrol 2500 offers the cost savings of these two components combined into one product and purchased at a lower overall investment.

Attendees can request a Unitrol 2500 product presentation during PRINT13 in booth #3044, September 8 – 12, 2013. Product data for Unitrol 2500 and RBP’s full line-up of sheetfed fountain concentrates is available in the company’s proprietary online ToolBox. The ToolBox allows users to browse products by application or by category or to troubleshoot issues.


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