The 5 Secrets to Color Management

  1. Calibrate and benchmark each step of the color reproduction process from design through print.

    It is important that all devices from monitors, scanners, proofers and presses be operating correctly and dialed to the appropriate settings.

  2. Characterize each device within the color reproduction process.

    Knowing the capability of each device allows you to work within the process. Many times a project is designed outside of the printing process. Just because color looks good on the monitor, doesn’t necessarily mean the job will reproduce with the same colors.

  3. Transform color image data from one device (source) to another device (destination).

    Using the correct CMYK color profile means your job will proof and print closer to your customer’s expectations. Too many times the proofs and press sheets have not represented each other closely enough.

  4. Through measurement and record keeping, control the variation associated with each step of the reproduction process.

    Unless you measure and keep your devices and presses in a calibrated state, variation will change your output and the quality of the product and process. The offset printing press has the most variability of all our devices in the color reproduction process. Often overlooked, ink and water balance is the most crucial variable that needs to be controlled. A pressroom in control creates a stable environment for Color Management.

  5. Precise and consistent control of ink-water balance on press.

    Concept21™ allows you to close the loop on Color Management. Now, for the first time press operators have the tool that gives unprecedented latitude on the press. It blends specially-developed, ultra-concentrated chemistry, through a unique and precise metering delivery system to meet specific on-press needs.

For information call: 800-558-0747 ask about Concept21TM chemical technology

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