Use Acid Based Neutral Fountain Concentrate To Improve Color Quality

As anyone in the newspaper business knows, printing good quality color is tough. Poor ink density, background toning and a washed out appearance are all common problems. However, advertisers and consumers alike continue to demand more and more color, challenging newspapers to improve their quality while still containing costs.

Back in the days when newspapers were only black and white, inexpensive, alkaline based fountain concentrates did the job. But as color entered the picture and environmental regulations tightened, printers turned to neutral fountain concentrates to solve some of their problems.

The neutral formulas for the most part are based off of alkaline fountain concentrate chemistry. The lower pH makes them more environmentally friendly and they do produce better quality color, although still not the strong, crisp color associated with an acid based fountain concentrate.

To answer the call for even higher quality color, RBP Chemical offers acid based neutral fountain concentrates with pHs ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. These fountain concentrates consistently produce high ink density and truer colors, with fewer toning and emulsification problems. The slightly acidic base allows for lower water settings and better registration control as well as less biological growth.

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