Low VOC Products – Better for the Environment, Your Budget and Overall Production

As the global movement towards sustainability continues to gain momentum, more and more printers are incorporating environmentally-conscious practices into their pressrooms. Efforts to find greener printing solutions focus on minimizing waste, reducing consumption of vital resources and developing long-term sustainability practices.

One important way today’s printers can reduce their environmental footprint is through the use of Low VOC washes and solvents.

Low VOC products had a bad reputation early on in terms of quality, but things have changed. Through years of experimentation and research, RBP Chemical Technology has greatly improved the performance and quality of these product lines. Today’s products are not only the smarter choice for the environment, but are also very effective.

So what are the benefits of Low VOC products?

Better for the environment
Today’s Low VOC products are designed to evaporate less pollutants into the atmosphere and result in less hazardous waste collection, storage and removal.

More value for your money
Due to a slower evaporation rate, less product is needed to do the same job as a full VOC solvent. Not only does this reduce budget dollars in consumption, but you also benefit from reporting less gallons consumed in your pressroom.

Reduced fire hazard and risk
Today’s low VOC products are associated with lower flash points and reduced fire hazard. This is especially important as insurance companies are starting to take a more active role in what they will cover, including setting thresholds on flammability and quantity that can be used and stored in today’s pressrooms.

Improved performance
Low VOC products are very effective at cleaning and removing inks, greases, paper lint and gums from blankets and rollers.

Low VOC products have become a vital part of a sustainable, green pressroom. Most importantly, these products demonstrate that you can embrace environmentally-conscious practices and still achieve your business goals.

Interested in learning more about RBP’s custom formulated low VOC products? Visit our interactive toolbox for more information.


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