Control Piling to Improve Print Quality and Reduce Waste

From poor print quality, the need for more frequent blanket washes, trouble printing solids and “smashed” blankets – piling is one of the more common challenges in today’s pressroom. In fact, many printers today have come to accept piling as a problem that is inherent to offset printing. However, understanding the causes of piling and implementing quick and effective solutions can go a long way in improving print quality and reducing paper waste and press downtime.

Piling can be broken down into two categories: Image area piling, which results from ink and paper contaminants on the plate and blanket, and non-image area piling, which creates paper coating and fiber build-up only on the blanket.

Typical causes for image area piling include over-emulsification of the ink, excess water with poor ink and water balance, improper setting and control from the fountain solution, and certain paper stocks. Non-image piling can be caused by the plate running too dry, ink tacking up, an uncoated stock, and poor ink and water balance.

While piling is a costly issue resulting in press downtime and paper waste, it can be effectively controlled with the proper fountain solution.

RBP Chemical Technology, Inc. offers knowledgeable experts and a wide range of fountain solutions that have been proven to control piling for companies worldwide. Contact your RBP Sales or Technical Representative at 1-800-558-0747 for a free consultation. We’ll work with you to identify a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

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