Transitioning to a Processless Plate

The use of processless plates has been gaining traction for some time now.  There are several advantages to using these plates.  The most advantageous is the elimination of the chemistry used to develop and remove the non-image area of the plate.  These chemistries typically have high alkalinity and can be difficult to handle as well as dispose of.  By eliminating this step you remove any potential problems with the processor, associated chemistries and plate waste as the processor is completely eliminated.

By making the change to these plates you have eliminated issues in the prepress area but may create others in the pressroom.  Keep in mind that the plates still have to be developed and this is typically done on the press.  We have to consider the fountain solution chemistry, which comes in direct contact with the plate.  Because this plate is “different” with respect to the coating and the way it is processed, the use of a mild acid fountain solution is recommended.  The mild acid solution will better clean the plate’s non-image area and keep it free of tinting and toning.

RBP offers an array of mild acid fountain solutions that have proven to work on the processless plate.  Contact your RBP sales representative or Customer Support at for your free sample.


Liquid Gold 820

Liquid Gold 820 is the latest newsprint and coldset fountain concentrate to come from the laboratories of RBP Chemical Technology.  Designed to maximize the performance of the latest plate technologies, especially the new “processless plates”, Liquid Gold 820 comes in neutral, mild acid, and hard water versions to meet all users’ water conditions. Liquid Gold 820 is formulated with special ingredients to keep the non-image area free of unwanted ink, resulting in sharp, clean print, and quick start ups that reduce paper waste. Like all RBP fountain concentrates, Liquid Gold 820 contains the latest in biocide technology to keep the dampening system clean and free of biological growth.

For your free sample contact RBP Customer Service at or by calling 1-800-558-0747.

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