DT-600: Versatile, All-Purpose Concentrate for Pressroom Cleaning

RBP Chemical Technology, the world-class supplier of proprietary chemicals and delivery devices for the coldset printing industry, is proud to introduce the latest in cleaning technology for pressrooms.

The DT-600 Aqueous All-Purpose Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, cleaning concentrate that can be used on everything from pressroom floors to blankets and press parts. With a unique blend of contaminate-busting chemicals, this clear cleaner is non-hazardous, odor-free and is very low in VOCs with no flash point.

This versatile, all-purpose concentrate can be diluted to tackle different cleaning jobs, meaning you only have to carry one product to conduct multiple cleaning processes. For example:

  • Floor Cleaning Zambonis – 11:1 dilution rate
  • Side Frames – 6:1 dilution rate
  • Press blankets and parts – 4:1 dilution rate

Streamlined and California-approved, the DT-600 Aqueous All-Purpose Cleaner was designed by RBP Chemical to effectively clean all pressroom areas and parts, while providing significant cost savings and a reduction in chemical storage space.

Learn more about DT-600.

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