Liquid Gold 820: Maximizing Performance for Top Printing Operations

Newsprint and coldset pressrooms choose Liquid Gold 820 fountain concentrate to maximize the performance of a wide array of plates – including processless. Liquid Gold 820 comes in neutral, mild acid, and hard water versions to meet all users’ water conditions and is formulated with special ingredients to keep the non-image area free of unwanted ink, resulting in sharp, clean print, and quick start ups that reduce paper waste. Like all RBP fountain concentrates, Liquid Gold 820 contains the latest in biocide technology to keep the dampening system clean and free of biological growth.

Liquid Gold 820 is a mildly acidic fountain concentrate specifically developed to produce brighter, more vibrant colors in coldset printing applications. LIQUID GOLD 820 contains additives that provide excellent desensitizing of the non-image area and reduced water settings. This product also contains additives that fight blanket buildup, piling, and glazing. Learn more about Liquid Gold 820 for quick re-starts, control growth, and increase your print latitude.

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