What You Should Know About MAGNUM S-450 Multilayer Hole Conditioner

MAGNUM S-450 is used to condition holes after drilling and before the desmear step in preparation for metallization. It is effective on a variety of resin materials including epoxy and polyimide and is replenishable. MAGNUM S-450 does not require circuit boards to be dried prior to processing.

MAGNUM S-450 is designed to be used in conjunction with MAGNUM K-OXIDIZER and MAGNUM N-OXIDIZER for the desmear and etchback of multilayer circuit boards. It is designed for use with high Tg, and high performance resin materials including polyimide.

Why Customers Love MAGNUM S-450

MAGNUM S-450 provides the fabricator with wide process latitude with respect to penetrating and swelling a wide variety of materials. The process is a two -part system, allowing the fabricator to have the flexibility of processing mixed resin material builds, including lead-free and low Dk, low Df resins.

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