Announcing the Release of MetalTreat Chelate Eliminator-8

RBP Chemical Technology is pleased to introduce another key waste treatment product to serve the metal finishing, electronics and photochemical milling industries. MetalTreat Chelate Eliminator-8 is formulated to eliminate waste of very highly chelated waste streams containing heavy metals.

MetalTreat Chelate Eliminator-8 is an alkaline solution. The product is formulated to enable the effective waste treatment of chelated heavy metals. Simply raise the pH of the waste stream to 11, then make additions of MetalTreat Chelate Eliminator-8. For more highly concentrated heavy metal waste, simply increase the additions of MetalTreat Chelate Eliminator-8.

RBP Chemical Technology is a leading supplier of proprietary chemicals for printed circuit fabrication and semiconductor test applications. RBP’s chemical formulas are tailored to meet the precise needs and requirements for advanced circuit boards, primarily in aerospace, medical and military applications. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and expanding globally, RBP is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is the Intelligent Choice for the electronics industry.

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