RBP Appoints IEC Exclusive Distributor in North America for PCB Materials

RBP Chemical Technology (RBP), located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has named International Electronic Components (IEC) its exclusive distributor for PCB materials in North America.

Mark Kannenberg, CEO of RBP, said “Our new strategic alliance with IEC fits well with our capabilities as surface chemical experts to realign our portfolio and better match our strengths to the needs of our North American PCB companies. Fabricators will now have one single source of contact for sales and service, complemented by RBP’s existing sales and technical service personnel, making a truly dynamic and focused team”.

Shawn Stone, President of IEC, stated, “It’s been a long-time strategic goal for us to become a complete and exclusive North American distributor for PCB materials. This move, along with our recent alliance with Eternal Technology Corporation, Rogers Corporation and Kodak, will enhance our customers’ experience and expectations. We are really excited to add RBP’s technology across a wide range of processes that will enhance their stature as the leading surface technology experts – we can’t wait to get started”.

About RBP

Founded in 1954, RBP Chemical Technology designs, manufactures and distributes its surface chemistry for electronics, medical and printing applications in its 48,000 sq. ft. headquarters plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as in Chennai, India, and with approved partners in the U.S., South Korea and Thailand.  RBP is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

About IEC

IEC has served for over 50 years the PCB, chemical milling, and various electronics markets.  IEC was founded in 1966 by Jim Stone to meet the needs of the emerging printed circuit board industry in Canada.  In 1993, Shawn Stone took the reins of IEC from his father and continues to invest and grow the corporation.  In 1998, Shawn and Chuck Williams, General Manager/Partner IEC USA, founded IEC USA to continue the growth of IEC into the United States.  Its 50-year reputation for excellence has made IEC a leading supplier of circuit board chemicals, copper clad laminates, and equipment to the North American electronics and chemical milling market.

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