Averatek and RBP Announce New Distribution Agreement

Averatek Corporation is proud to announce that RBP Chemical Technology will become a new distribution partner. RBP will supply supporting chemistries that are needed by licensees of Averatek’s A-SAP™ process. The core LMI™ (Liquid Metal Ink) chemistry will continue to be supplied directly by Averatek. A-SAP™ is an advanced PCB manufacturing technology that enables feature sizes of 25 microns and below, effectively providing PCB designers with new opportunities to address the challenges of next generation electronics.

“RBP looks forward to assisting Averatek in bringing their new A-SAP™ technology to market by manufacturing and distributing the additional process components. The arrangement takes full advantage of our strengths in delivering innovative product, quality and logistics solutions, and Averatek’s ability to formulate advanced technologies for high density PCB and semiconductor applications”, said Mark Kannenberg, CEO of RBP.

“Averatek is proud to partner with RBP Chemical Technology to provide support and distribution of chemistries related to our A-SAP™ process” said Haris Basit, CEO of Averatek.

“Their record as a proven and reliable supplier with a commitment to delivering consistently high-quality chemistries along with exceptional service will be of tremendous benefit to our licensees.”

Averatek’s A-SAP™ is an advanced manufacturing process for printed circuit board fabrication with trace and space widths as narrow as 15 microns. This process can dramatically reduce area, layer count and weight of electronics systems as well as provide significant RF benefits. A-SAP™ is designed to easily integrate with traditional PCB manufacturing equipment and materials.

About Averatek

Averatek Corporation develops and licenses advanced manufacturing processes for a variety of electronic products including very high density printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging and RF and millimeter wave passive components. In addition, Averatek develops and sells the key chemistry that enables these advanced manufacturing processes. For more information visit www.averatek.com.

About RBP Chemical Technology

RBP Chemical Technology is a leading supplier of proprietary chemicals and logistics solutions for printed circuit fabrication, semiconductor test applications and medical device manufacturing, Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, RBP is a veteran owned small business (VOSB) certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is the Intelligent Choice for our trusted partners globally. Learn more at www.rbpchemical.com.

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