RBP Chemical Technology Partners with Lighteum

Ernie Litynski, President, RBP Chemical Technology

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — RBP Chemical Technology and Lighteum have entered into a collaborative partnership focused on Nitinol device development and processing. Recognizing that each company brings best-in-class technical capabilities in their areas of expertise, coupled with a spirit of openness and cooperation, it became quite apparent that the two companies should formalize their working relationship.

The direct connection between RBP’s surface chemistry solutions and Lighteum’s unparalleled understanding of laser cutting and Nitinol post-processing allows the companies to optimize product solutions with superior results. The established goal is to leverage the joint expertise of the two companies to optimize the way in which they each serve the medical device manufacturing industry.

Dan Carey, Executive Vice President, RBP Chemical Technology

Lighteum was founded by Jose Maeso (CTO) and Lorie Lodico (COO), as a response to the question of, “How can we reinvent the Nitinol processing experience for the medical device industry in a way that is both transformative and fulfills the customers’ true needs?” The answer was resoundingly, “Create a unique partnership with the customer built upon trust and transparency, focused on quality, speed, and collaboration.” With that, Lighteum was founded and serves the customer with the best technical innovations, including femtosecond cutting, state of the art heat setting, and RBP Chemical Technology’s chemical solutions.

Mr. Maeso described his perspective around the partnership as follows; “I have been an avid proponent of RBP’s suite of chemistries for many years and am enthusiastic about formalizing a closer working relationship between Lighteum and RBP. This collaboration will further strengthen the way in which both companies serve the medical device market.”

Lorie Lodico, Chief Operating Officer, Lighteum

RBP is a world-class leader in the development and manufacturing of surface chemistry for the medical device industry. RBP’s cleaning, de-oxidizing, and electropolishing chemistries are formulated to optimize surface finish and compatibility of medical devices. As a trusted partner – no matter the device metal, geometry, or complexity – RBP delivers chemical solutions that provide consistent and reliable results safely and efficiently.

“I am absolutely excited to partner with Lighteum. I have no doubt we’ll jointly assist medical device manufacturers in developing world-class solutions that meet their technical and commercial objectives,” stated Ernie Litynski, President at RBP. “Between RBP’s innate understanding of surface chemistry and Lighteum’s unique expertise of critical upstream processes, we know that our teams will jointly provide safety, quality, delivery, and commercial success for manufacturers.”

Jose Maseo, Chief Technology Officer, Lighteum

“After initial discussions with Jose and Lorie, we knew that Lighteum displayed the same values and culture found at RBP,” said Dan Carey, Executive Vice President at RBP. “This partnership offers strong support for both enterprises, and more importantly, our customers.”

As collaborative partners, both companies are positioned for an evolution towards further enhanced offerings that will make the entire industry more innovative with greater process efficiency. Both companies have the same objectives and end state within this partnership: providing medical device manufacturers with trusted partners in an industry where failure is not an option.

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