Removal of International Supply Chain Risks and Improved Process Parameters.

The Problem:  In this instance, the affected enterprise was sourcing nitinol electropolish from an overseas supplier.  With global supply chain volatility, tariffs, and freight backlogs and non-availability, the enterprise faced stock-outs, quality issues, and economic hardships from their current supplier.

The Process:  By working directly with the customer, RBP was able to recommend a few different electropolishes to the customer that met the material removal rates required for the stent.  Through analytical multivariate modeling and an optimization Design of Experiment (DoE), the teams worked jointly to set the optimal time, temperature, and voltage to achieve a repeatable, uniform removal rate.

The Outcome:  Long-term data gathered jointly between RBP and the device manufacturer produced the following results:

  • Lead Time: RBP and the customer were able to develop a 2-bin Kanban system to ensure the customer continuously maintained 4 weeks of consigned stock at the facility to ensure no stock-outs.  Previously, orders from overseas required a 4-month lead time (2 months for manufacturing; 2 months for overseas transit and customs clearance).
  • Financial Savings: 800% in freight savings and 20% in unit cost savings.
  • Quality: Scrap rates were reduced from 12% to <1% based on uniformity of (5) critical to quality (CTQ) measurements.  The visual and uniform finish of the part was also improved in the eyes of the device manufacturer’s end users.
  • Process: RBP’s room temperature electropolish reduced the requirement for sub-freezing chilling and improved the safety of the process and facility.

At RBP, we believe that our domestic sourcing, production, and technical team can provide such benefits for others as well.  Please feel free to contact us to see if we can eliminate your “pain points” and optimize your requirements as well.

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